Friday, 28 August 2015

Last Chance $1 products + New CU + Freebie

Gosh seems like forever again that I have blogged. Good excuse this time though ;-P. My dearest hubby went and made this old girl bawl like a baby two weeks ago. My old ‘work horse’ PC has been giving me issues for a while now.. no matter how I cleaned her up (including a full format at the beginning of the year- eeek) .. she was just plain worn out. You know- like we get as we grow older and the bones/muscles start moaning early in the morning and they battle to get going?- BWAHAHA. So I sent hubby a little ‘wish list’ a few months ago when he asked for Christmas and Birthday ideas to keep with a ‘dream build’ PC and a note saying ‘well if we ever win the lottery’- lol.
Two weeks ago I open my mail box and I see a reply to this old mail with just ‘I love you’ and an attachment on it…… OH EM GEE… he had bought it for me(without any special occasion warranting it)!! And a few added extra’s that was thought would make life easier using all my Adobe programmes. Yeah, I was shocked into total DUH mode for a few moments and then just burst into tears. Couldn’t even speak to him on the phone and all he could do was laugh at me and say I deserved it. Gosh I seriously don’t know how I actually deserved my man. ;-P
I received her last week and before just throwing things on her I decided to do a little clean up of all my designing folders and back ups… BWAHAHAHAH.. it took over THREE days to do that. Once I started I just had to finish and do it all right. And as of yesterday I am sitting smiling on a ‘neat clean and SUPER fast’ machine. WOOOHOOOO. Thank you my love. XXX 
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If you haven’t collected the coordinating FREEBIE from my Newsletter 18th August.. don’t worry I will send the links again today for you.


I have a few new CU goodies up today.
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************ Freebie Alert *********
A little BLOG FREEBIE for you today.. you can grab it HERE
I have the second paper flower that coordinates with the one from the 14th August for you today - exclusively in my Newsletter.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs and Loves

Friday, 14 August 2015

New $1 Penny Savers + New CU

Is it only me or is this year sort of running away again? lol. It's supposed to be winter this side but the temps are sort of rather warm which makes me think we are going to be in for a rather HOT summer ..bring on the AC- lol

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WOOHOOO - More $1 products are up today. Gosh you have got to love August at The Digital Press! There are nearly 70 Products available - ALL only $1 each!
I have two new products up today
Inspired by a family chat over Wayne's Birthday weekend about our 'Families Favourite Songs'. This one was voted #1 by all of us.. I Can See Clearly Now - Jimmy Cliff version.
And some amazing CT inspiration for you:
By Julie
By Kristal
By Connie
By Steph 

 Hybrid Card by Tanya

By Deborah
By Stefanie
By Me

 Be sure to grab them while only $1 a piece ( that's only $2 for a Full kit!)
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Be sure to pick up this CU Freebie in my NEWSLETTER today.
I hope you all have a really stunning weekend further.
Hugs and Loves

Friday, 7 August 2015

$1 Penny Savers : Last chance 60%off

WOOHOO- got to love August with all these fantastic promotions and sales right? It's also a month of many birthdays in this family.. Wayne who turned 50 on the 2nd and today Dad Jan (who still works FULL time!)... turns 80! Two big mile stones in one month. WOW!

Talking about Birthdays.... Don't miss your last chance to get anything in my store @ SugarHillCo at a whopping 60% off!


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I have a BRAND NEW $1 product today... a little 'artsy' and a little Vintage>>

kb-OldenDayBlends6  Olden Day Blends : Papers

And some Creative Inspiration for you:

Deb1  By Deborah

(also using: Stronger Word Art, Little Quirky Wordy Bits, Under African Skies)

jenni  By Jenni

( Also using Clip Me 1 : Frames and Masks + Under An African Sky : Collection)

Rae  By Rae

Steph  By Stef

( Also using Clip Me 1 : Frames and Masks + Under An African Sky : Collection)

boa  By Bao

kb-Dreamer6  By Me

( Also using Clip Me 1 : Frames and Masks + Fields of Dreams : The Kit, adjusted template by AnaAspenes)

Don't forget to pick up this CU ok Freebie if you didn't see my blog post from earlier this week. ;-Pkb-VintageText

You can download them HERE

Have a fantastic weekend further. Hugs and Loves



Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Birthdays, Penny Pincher $1 SALES

Gosh, I missed all the excitement the beginning of the month with SugarHill celebrating it's 5th Birthday, The Digital Press having a full month $1 Penny Savers promotion and of course the SugarHill Blog train too. I flew back to Port Elizabeth to help my Mom move house ( the estate had been wound up and the house sold) as well as having my hubbies 50th Bday there to celebrate with all our family and friends. We flew back in last night.. both rather tired, me with no voice - HA, nothing unusual about that one- BWAHAHA. I make sure I make the most of each minute while at home , enough to last me a few months while up here. ;-P

I might have missed the official blog trains but I do have a little gift at the bottom of the post to make up for it... but before we get there, lets catch up on all the exciting news so far>>>>>>


All these products will stay $1 during the whole month of AUGUST- how awesome is that!!

kb-ClipMe1_bw6  Clip Me 1 : Frames and Masks

And some CT inspiration using the Frames above:

Deb2   By Deborah

EllenT   By EllenT

Steph  By Steph

background texture   By MiimsGirl

****************  @ Sugar Hill Co ****************


WOOHOOO! another Bday to celebrate and my WHOLE STORE is 60% off right now!


I missed the Bday blog train for the first time (sob) - but you can follow along from the master list right here.

I do have a 'belated' train stop for you however..


8 LRG Vintage Text brushes (+png) to have fun with. CU ok.

You can download them HERE


Friday, 10 July 2015

CU Collab Grab Bag + 2 Freebies + 70% off SALE

WOOHOOOO! Lots happening today and one I am very excited about..
So lets get going straight away with NEWS @ Sugar Hill Co..
X-MAS in JULY SALE! is HERE and you can grab 70% OFF Retiring items through July 23rd, 2015. Make sure you fill you carts as these products will all be GONE GONE GONE soon.

I'm also very excited to bring you a CU COLLAB GRAB BAG today! I eventually got together with my dear long time friend/CT member and fellow designer BEKAH E on this general themed (and ever so useful) chocka block filled bag.
6 Brand New Products for only $6 (only $1 per pack!)
*Valid through Sunday 19th July ONLY*

1 2 

*************** Freebie Alert 1 ***************
BEKAH E has 2 FREEBIES for you up in her store for you
*images are linked*
<<You can grab this CU Freebie from me in my NEWSLETTER today>>
WHEEEEEEEEEEE, isn't this Friday turning out grand- lol

           *********** Collection on SALE @ The Digital Press  ***********
If you missed last weeks newsletter/ or the SPECIAL EDITION SALE.. don't worry, as I have bundled my Under An African Sky collection into a BUNDLE DEAL.
40% off + a BONUS of 18 Flair Buttons

I have a few more wonderful 'inspirational' pages to show you from this collection.
By Conny
By Danica
By Renee
By Christelle

*************** Freebie Alert 2 ***************
I started these to add to my Under An African Sky : Collection but ran out of time to finish a full set. So I have decided that YOU can have them as a blog freebie today ;-P
2 PNG Stamps + .ABR brush
You can download them right HERE.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend - hugs and loves.