Friday, 1 August 2014

Birthday Days, Blog Trains + New Stash goodies.

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Oy it's been a long two weeks, and an emotional roller coaster too. Our house in PE is now empty! We managed to pack for three different places/people. (Kristy, Nathan and ourselves- lol) and get it all Nathan's furniture into storage over last weekend. Of course all the friends and family were popping in at the same time to say a 'hi' and bye and of course a cry. But in a way it's a big relief too, both financially and emotionally. Now I can start making myself a home up here and my brain will stop telling me I'm only here 'temporally'. lol

But there is some major good news... DEON is getting married! Holey freaking hell I thought I would never live to see the day- BWHAHAHA. He is! The confirmed bachelor is smitten to mushiness. Geraldine is the most wonderful woman and I am ecstatic that they are sooo happy and good for each other. YAY.. Wedding celebrations soon.

SugarHillco is turning 4 and we are celebrating...


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And some gorgeous inspiration for you:

alina By Alina

Little-Things By Jenni

kb-Sweetsmile By Me


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Shoo you made it to the bottom ........... I have hubby's BDAY tomorrow too and electricians in to change some goodies so I'm setting this on a scheduled post.. Holding thumbs I have no hic cups again! BWHAHAHA.

Have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves

Friday, 18 July 2014

More Dollar Days + New CU

EEEK this month is seriously flying past at 'snot spoed' as we say here. ( FAST in simple English- lol). Wayne and I have both been so busy with coordinating the sale of our PE home and we are flying there next week to pack up the house. Gosh, in a way it's exciting ( all new things are exciting but also a little scary- lol) , but I also know I'm going to shed more than a tear or two seeing it empty out. There are so many memories that it holds for me.. its was a HOME not just a house to live in.. so yeah, mixed emotions on my front. We have to put a LOT of the furniture in storage for now too as Nathan is still 'away on contract' and will need it all once he is finished travelling. lol. Yeah, we gave the 'kids' all our 'old' furniture so they have a 'start' in their own new venture soon. I will only be bringing back the sentimental pieces that mean more to me than to the kids- ;-P.

All in all I am looking forward to the NEW start up here and have already got paint samples ready to test on the walls- and I can eventually unpack the last lot of boxes from our move that are still in the garage now.. BWHAHA.

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Some inspiration for you:

Diane By Diane (x1)

AD-BucketofMemories-web_zpsb81c9477 By Diane (x2)

Alina1 By Alina

kb-AllGrownUp And one by Me.

I also used some 'Journal Cards' that will be coming out soon too ;-P

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I hope you all have a stunning weekend.. hugs and loves

Friday, 11 July 2014

Dino's, Dollar Days + 70% off sale reminder

I had an amazing start to my week. My sis Gaye (GSCreations) and BIL Ben brought my little (now tall) niece Caden through to spend two days with us. Caden wanted to see the 'dinosaurs' that were in town for a few weeks. Wayne took the day off too! ( like he said to Deon.. he won't take off for me but he had a 'date' with a very special lady- insert a ahhh-lol)


Come on Uncle Waynie it's in here!! I can see the dino on the wall.

Unfortunately the morning show was full so we had to wait for the afternoon show. It gave me a chance to walk around town and see part of the city I stay in now and hadn't seen before.. we did complain and tease my BIL Ben as he didn't want to book the tickets online and thought due to most schools already back and being a Tuesday it wouldn't be busy- uhummmm right! BWHAHAHA.


Huge bronze statue of Nelson Mandela in the Sandton City: Nelson Mandela Square. Sandton City Mall is where Gaye and I did some shopping while the men took Caden for a train ride to use up some time.


YAY- we made it... and Caden still reminded me 'not to be scared' as the dinosaurs where not real... tooo sweet! lol

d5These all moved, blinked, breathed and made noises...... was seriously awesome!


AHHH the 'family' and Caden had the best view from Dad's shoulders.


Giving my sister the camera to hold while I took my jacket off to tie around my waist is dangerous- BWHAHAHA


My favourite "Uncle Waynie"... ahhhh


Mommy and my favourite 'dino' in the back... couldn't be a happier day.


Thanks Dad for my 'spoils'... holding on tight to my walking Dino balloon as the wind is blowing and Uncle Wayne says he's not running after it- BWHAHA.

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I hope you all have a super weekend. Hugs and Loves.

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Friday, 4 July 2014

New CU + Dollar Days + 4th July FREEBIE

I'd like to start by wishing my dear American friends and customers a very HAPPY 4th July and hope you all have a fantastic celebration weekend with your loved ones. There is a special freebie just for you today: Keep scrolling ;-P

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Some new inspiration for you ......Alina By Alina

Sangria-Time-345 By Christelle

Party-Time1 By Jenni


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Have a fantastic weekend. Loves and hugs