Friday, 3 July 2015

Under An African Sky : CU 5 for 5

EEEEEEEEEEEK, it's the middle of the year already. Holey freaking smokes. I'm not too sure how it became July so I have a lot to show you today so going to keep the chatter to a minimum.. yup, might just snow in Africa. lol

Being the first week in July it's time for the HUGE and AMAZING

************* $1 Special Edition @ The Digital Press *************

ONLY $1 for each Brand New coordinating product

The swatch this month just made me think of 'home' and I spent way too long creating these but I just couldn't resist. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun creating these..

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UnderAfrican-sky_pp6  Under An African Sky : Papers

UnderAfrican-sky_elements6  Under An African Sky : Elements

UnderAfrican-sky_animals6  Under An African Sky : Animal Kingdom

UnderAfrican-sky_maps6 Under An African Sky : Maps & Card

UnderAfrican-sky_JC6 Under An African Sky : Journal Cards

UnderAfrican-sky_wordy6 Under An African Sky : Wordy Bits

UnderAfrican-sky-quotes6  Under An African Sky : African Quotes

ALL for only $1 a pack until end of Sunday.

And of course my CT had me oooohing and aaaahing over their amazing inspirational creations.

Jennni  By Jenni

Bianca By Biancka

EllenT  By EllenT

Under An African Sky  By Julie

Alina  By Alina

Stef  By Stefanie

Steph  By Steph

Pallavi By Palliva

KimB  By Me

*************** NEW @ Sugar Hill Co ****************

Perfect time for some 'Mid Year' Deals ;-P

kb-5For5_july15   Create Your Own : 5 for 5 July 15

kb-10for10_july15 Create Your Own : 10 for 10 July 15

*please read instructions in store*

For all my American followers and readers. May you have a fantastic 4th July celebration with your families and loved ones.

Hugs and Loves



Friday, 19 June 2015

Anchor My Heart + Freebie

Is it just me or is this year just flying past?? Jenni and I were just chatting this morning about how you blink and it's almost With us hitting mid winter (and it's COLD - well for us South Africans it's cold ya know.. :-P), it's been great being able to sit and get back into the 'designing' mode. YAY.. after all the interruptions this year so far in real life it's been kind of comforting in a way to just have 'me PC time'- woohoooo!

************ NEWS and NEW goodies @ The Digital Press ************

summer school

Summer School is in full swing here at The Digital Press, and also at Scrapaneers! Come and join us for some 'learning and scrapping' fun + some amazing deals along the way.

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With 'Fathers Day' around the corner I designed this 'nautical/ocean' themed collection with my two 'boys' in mind..  perfect for all those summer/holiday creations and those special people in our lives!

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kb-AnchorMyHeart_collect6 Anchor My Heart : Collection

Or the individual packs >>>

kb-AnchorMyHeart_kit6 Anchor My Heart : The Kit

kb-AnchorMyHeart_JC6  Anchor My Heart : Journal Cards

kb-AnchorMyHeart_flair6  Anchor My Heart : The Flair Buttons

kb-AnchorMyHeart_wb6 Anchor My Heart : Wordy Bits

anchormyheart-wordart6 Anchor My Heart : Word Art

Oh man did my CT have me drooling with their amazing creativity with this collection... check these awesome pages out!

ellent  By EllenT

Jenni  By Jenni

Julie  By MotherBear

Heidi  By Heidi

Conny By Conny

misstiina_rainbowlovepatts1 By JenV

Alina  By Alina

Alice By Alice

stef  By Stef

Lindy   By Lindy

* freebie add-on at bottom of post*

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kb-PnP_Simply3 Pats n Prints : Simply3


I have a little 'Add-on' freebie for the Anchor My Heart : Collection >>


2 Papers + 2 Flair + Stone Heart Elements + Frame (sticker + stamp versions) + Mask.

You can grab it right HERE> DOWNLOAD

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend with your special men in your lives.

Hugs and loves


Friday, 5 June 2015

$1 Special Edition + CU Grab Bag

BWAHAHA- I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about it being so warm up here when it's supposed to be cold. I went from Tshirt to thermal underwear in 2 days! It's only 5C right now and that up here is FREEZING! lol. Me and my big mouth.. jinxed myself ;-P

************* $1 Special Edition @ The Digital Press *************

Yup, seriously, ONLY $1 for each Brand New coordinating product.

Can't beat that! Be sure not to miss it as all items revert back to full pricing soon.

I loved this months swatch, and of course just coming back from 'home' and seeing all my dear friends .. well my heart decided I needed to design these ;-)

Simplythebest_elements6 Simply The Best : The Elements

Simplythebest_papers6 Simply The Best : Papers

Simplythebest_JC6 Simply The Best : Journal Cards

Simplythebest_WA-6  Simply The Best : Word Art

My CT have also created some amazing fun happy and fresh inspiration for you today:

Jenni  By Jenni

Ellen  By Ellen

simply the best  By Julie

Stef  By Stef

Christelle  By Christelle

Alice  By Alice

Bekah  By Bekah

Juli  By Juli

CVW_SupplyTracker<br />Dagi Temp-tations Love Song_temp4<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : The Elements<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : The Word Art<br />Kim B Designs-Simply The Best : ThePapers<br />Layer 1<br />Layer 10<br />Layer 11<br />Layer 12<br />Layer 13<br />Layer 14<br />Layer 15<br />Layer 16<br />Layer 17<br />Layer 17 copy<br />Layer 18<br />Layer 19<br />Layer 2<br />Layer 20<br />Layer 21<br />Layer 22<br />Layer 23<br />Layer 24<br />Layer 28<br />Layer 29<br />Layer 3<br />Layer 30<br />Layer 31<br />Layer 34<br />Layer 34 copy<br />Layer 36<br />Layer 37<br />Layer 38<br />Layer 38 copy<br />Layer 4<br />Layer 4 copy<br />Layer 4 copy 2<br />Layer 41<br />Layer 42<br />Layer 45<br />Layer 5<br />Layer 5 copy<br />Layer 6<br />Layer 7<br />Layer 7 copy<br />Layer 8<br />Layer 9<br />march 2015<br />paper<br />paper<br />paper<br />paper<br />photo<br />ribbon<br />ribbon<br />  By Danica

kb-Besties6  By Me

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I have a few FREEBIE coordinating Flair Buttons today.


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kb-Jun15_GrabBag  June '15 CU Grab Bag

Contains 6 Full sized brand new products.
1x Layered Patterns
1x .ABR brush and PNG set
3x Element sets
+ FREE Layer styles : Old Book Covers.
(includes pat file).


******** FREEBIE ALERT 2 ********


I have a coordinating Vintage Frame Freebie in my Newsletter today.

I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend. Thanks so much for looking